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No to Haversham Wind Farm

*The above photo shows Petsoe End near Olney taken from six miles away to demonstrate the impact on local countryside. It is NOT a photomontage intended to represent the appearance size or scale of the proposed site at Haversham.

The Stop Haversham Wind Farm Action Group has campaigned for three and a half years to protect the historic villages of Haversham and Little Linford from plans by RWE Npower to site FIVE 127m (417ft) industrial turbines in the heart of our village. To register your support for the Stop Haversham Wind Farm campaign and also to receive email updates please click here.


On 30th July 2014 Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for DCLG) announced that he was refusing planning permission for the "Orchard Way" wind farm proposed by RWE Innogy UK Ltd (formerly known as RWE Npower Renewables Ltd).

Following the appeal held in July 2013, Planning Inspector Paul Jackson recommended acceptance, much to the surprise of those present who were convinced by the wealth of evidence against the scheme. However Mr Pickles disagreed with the inspector and concluded that "the factors which weigh in favour of the proposed development do not outweigh its shortcomings".

He also considered that "there are no material considerations of sufficient weight which would justify allowing the appeal".

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North who opposed the wind farm proposal stated: “I’m delighted that common sense has prevailed and that the Government has delivered on its pledge of not allowing developers to run roughshod over the wishes of local people.”

RWE Innology have six weeks to decide whether or not to take the Secretary of State to a Judicial Review at the High Court. SHWFAG hope that rather than do this, they finally listen to the community and recognise Haversham is not a suitable location for an industrial wind farm.


Planning Appeal 23 July - 1 August 2013 The appeal by RWE Npower to the government's Planning Inspector Paul Jackson started at 10am on Tuesday 23 July 2013 and concluded with a site visit on Tuesday 6 August. Stop Haversham Wind Farm Action Group has "rule six" status. This means we are an official interested party with the right to present and challenge evidence.

The local community showed their strong opposition to the proposed wind farm throughout the appeal. Posters were displayed throughout the area and many passionate and well-reasoned contributions, especially during the open session.

RWE Npower ignore local opinion! Without waiting for the outcome of Milton Keynes Council's evaluation of their wind farm scheme, RWE Npower appealed to the government Planning Inspectorate for "non-determination".
Despite this, MK's Development Control Committee voted to reject the application on 22 January 2013. That evening the public gallery was packed with local residents opposing the wind farm.

Judicial Review of MK Set-back Distances The High Court in London heard a case brought by RWE Npower on 28 February 2013. Sadly the judge ruled that, while a Supplementary Planning Document is a legal and legitimate way to introduce set-back distances, because Milton Keynes' already stated a distance in their Local Plan, such an SPD was in conflict with it. SHWFAG are disappointed that a foreign multi-national company have found a legal technicality to undermine the democratic process.

Milton Keynes Council may have failed in this attempt to protect the health and safety of residents by keeping industrial size turbines away from houses, but this is a defeat for the wind industry, as many other local authorities can now use SPDs to introduce set back distances.

Milton Keynes Cabinet voted on 4th July 2012 to adopt the Supplementary Planning Document increasing the distance recommended between wind turbines and dwellings or public rights of way. Foreign multi-national energy company RWE Npower are now trying to persuade the High Court to overturn this democratic decision to protect their commerical interests.

Parish Poll Result 75.9% voted NO! 266 people voted in the Haversham cum Little Linford Parish Poll on 18 October - 202 NO, 64 yes. This was a clear recommendation to the parish council who have strongly opposed Npower's wind farm proposal. The people have spoken!

RWE fail to provide full information. Milton Keynes' Planning Department issued RWE Npower with a Regulation 22 Letter in March, indicating they felt insufficient information had been provided for the Haversham Wind Farm application to be properly considered. Some additional information has now been submitted and has been uploaded onto the Council's planning website. Many of the requests for additional information were declined by RWE Npower so it will be interesting to see how the planning department respond to this.

Salcey Forest The Save our Salcey Group, Hanslope and Stoke Goldington villagers are fighting an application for 15 turbines close to Salcey Forest. Milton Keynes Council have advised the developer, Ecotricity, the wild life section of their application is inadequate and they must do more work before the Council will make a determination. Visit www.saveoursalcey.com for more information.

CONTACT US If you would like any further information about our campaign, please email us at info@stophavershamwindfarm.org.uk

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